what if you could?

I so clearly remember wishing someone would just say this to me. It's like I was waiting for permission or the right moment to jump.

I remember feeling this calling deep inside to start something new, leave my career, and step into my creativity.

But I was afraid...
what would people think?
what if I failed?
who was I to think I could do things differently?
how dare I consider walking away from my 20+ year teaching career?
what if I changed too much for my beloved people?

So many fears.

And...if I shared with the wrong people, they were quick to speak their own fears into my life.

But I am here to tell you...that's just our brain doing its job to keep us "safe." And our friend or family member's brain speaking fear into us to "keep us safe".

Our brains are wired to give us every single reason we should be afraid. 
This is how our ancestors survived!
Their brains were preparing them for battles, keeping them safe from bears and mountain lions, and loading them up with fear to keep them from being ousted from the safety of the group.

Our modern-day brains still do this! Only now our mountain lion is a public failure, looking like a weirdo, daring to do it differently, offending someone, being cast out from the "it" moms.

And it turns out that those things above won't actually kill us.

I'm just telling you this because I want you to know you can do the thing your heart desires...

You can love your life again.
You can change your body and feel great.
You can change your diet and still belong.
You can create loving and super firm boundaries with your mother-in-law.
You can create an entirely new career.
You can leave your relationship.
You can improve your relationships.
You can build a business you love.
You can be more of who you want to be. 
You can be a happier and more balanced person.
You can absolutely manage your time, be present for your family and kick ass in your profession...even if some of it doesn't come naturally. 
You can let go of this idea that you will never be enough.
You can love YOU again...or even for the very first time.

I can help you. 

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Hello there and welcome! 
I know you're here because there's something you want to do. Something tugging at you.
So, I gotta ask you...

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