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I’m Jamie - growth seeker, story changer and believer that we all have gifts inside us that are just waiting to be unleashed (most of us  just have to let go of all the bullsh*t stories in our heads to get there).

total mess to my best self 

Once upon a time, I thought that checking all the boxes and playing it safe was the key to happiness. But by the age of 35, I felt stifled in my career as a teacher, worried I wasn’t being a good enough mom and overcome with exhaustion and overwhelm. 

It took a serious health crisis for me to finally get brave enough to stop letting life happen to me and start creating the life I desired. 
During some of the hardest days of my life, I found the strength and clarity to restore my health and tune into what I really wanted out of life for myself and my family.

I changed my habits, overhauled my diet, and I hired a coach to help me know what to do, stick to my goals and feel health and happy again. Mindset work was key to my healing (hello perfectionism & people-pleasing) because I needed to learn how to manage the everyday stress of being a mom, having a career, and putting a ton of pressure on myself. 

Nowadays, as a certified life and health coach, I’m living my dream helping step fully into this life that's happening right now and actually feel good.

I teach my clients how to feel better despite the bad. My clients learn how to be brave in the face of their fears, and how to just be themselves and actually like who they are. 

from checking boxes to health crisis

hiring a coach is like hiring a personal trainer...but even better because you get this highly trained collaborative partner to help you strengthen your mindset and create the results you always wanted but thought were impossible.

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